Friday, 20 December 2013

Day 20: My First ... (the Meme Edition)

Firsts are so much fun, let's share more in a meme-a-licious kind of way.

Let's share the following firsts:

  • Your First Job
  • The First Thing to Your Left
  • Something You Remember About First Grade
  • The First book you ever read
  • The First Thing You Do In the Morning
  • The First Food You Knew You Didn't Like
  • Your First Memory


  1. OMG I'm first?!? In the firsts prompt? How did that happen? Ha! That was really fun! I had a gross first memory that involved poop, but I went with a more...pleasant early memory.

  2. I want to read everybody's firsts but first I have some work to do. Be back later!

  3. Yes, that was fun! And it made my trip on the train that much more enjoyable. Hooray for WiFi on the train!

  4. Fun prompt, and I can't wait to start visiting everyone's blogs.

  5. Such a fun one! Really got me thinking about grade school memories especially.

  6. Once I started typing things out, it really took off. Yay! :)